Harness Sphereing

Harness Zorbing

Speed downhill at up to 30mph harnessed inside a giant inflatable!

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Aqua Sphereing

Aqua Zorbing

What you get if you cross a
water slide with rolling downhill!

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Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

Until bungee zorbing's invented we'll settle for bungee jumping!

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Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

Not zorbing but it's you versus
a vertical wind tunnel!

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What is Harness Zorbing?

There are some things in life you have to try at least once and Zorbing is most definitely one of them. Strapped inside a giant hamster ball, facing an equally unhinged Zorbing partner there's nothing quite like rolling and bouncing down a hill at speeds of up to 30mph while laughing and screaming uncontrollably! Continue...

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Go Harness Sphereing!

Girl harness sphereingIf any kind of extreme activity gives you thrills rather than chills, it's guaranteed you will enjoy Harness Zorbing (or Harness Sphereing to use its other moniker). Is it scary, stomach-churning and just plain crazy? Yes. But it’s also exhilarating, funny and quite simply one of the best adventures you can have in under a minute!

It’s a very intense roll down the hill as you and another person are strapped in at the hips, shoulders and feet inside the sphere face-to-face. The ball will then be sent rolling downwards from the top of the hill and after the third or fourth roll centrifugal force takes over and your body is plastered against the sphere wall.

You will roll all the way down – upside down, downside up – as it all becomes a big blur of blue from the sky, green from the grass, the smile on your co-victims face and the fear in their eyes...

Even though Harness Zorbing might be one of the more radical things you've tried, rest assured you’ll be completely safe inside the ball. The three foot air cushion between the inner and outer sphere will protect you well from any bumps and holes on the way down.

The whole experience can last anything from 15 seconds to a minute depending on the location, steepness of the slope and combined weight of the participants. You are likely never to forget the unique sensation of defying gravity and discover the secret of bouncy freedom!

Harness Sphereing Locations

Click on the blue markers on the map below for the location details of where you can go Sphering® in the UK. There are 11 locations in England, Scotland & Wales so that's every location marked below except for Milton Keynes which is exclusively for Air Zorbing.

The 14 harness Zorbing locations in the UK. 95% of all Zorbing experiences in the UK take place at these SphereMania sites. Make sure the website you choose to book from covers the location you would prefer to use.

  • SphereMania BirminghamNorth (Tamworth) new location!
  • SphereMania Chepstow (Monmouthshire, Wales)
  • SphereMania Leeds (New Farnley, West Yorkshire)
  • SphereMania LondonNorth (Ware, Hertfordshire)
  • SphereMania LondonSouth (Forest Row, West Sussex)
  • SphereMania LondonWest (East Reading) new location!
  • SphereMania ManchesterSouth (Macclesfield)
  • SphereMania NewcastleWest (Stocksfield, Northumberland)
  • SphereMania Newquay (Cornwall)
  • SphereMania NorthWalesChester (Chester) new location!
  • SphereMania Nottingham (Westwood, Nottinghamshire)
  • SphereMania OxfordWest (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)
  • SphereMania Perth (Dunkeld, Scotland)
  • SphereMania SouthWalesLlanelli (Pembrey Country Park) new location!

Harness Spehereing Videos

Watch the harness Zorbing experiences of others in the UK. We've selected some of the best Youtube Zorbing videos below.

Harness Zorbing in London
Watch a Sphereing experience from the Forest Row LondonSouth location. Yes, we can confirm it's as fast and as fun as it looks!
Inside Harness Zorbing from Newquay
A SphereMania video of harness Zorbing filmed from the inside at their Newquay location. Enter the ball, be the hamster :-)
More Harness Zorbing from inside
Great sphereing footage filmed from a vehicle keeping up with the downfill fun.
Harness Zorbing in South Wales
Watch a couple jump in the ball, get strapped in and go bouncing down the hill in Chepstow.