Harness Sphereing

Harness Zorbing

Speed downhill at up to 30mph harnessed inside a giant inflatable!

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Aqua Sphereing

Aqua Zorbing

What you get if you cross a
water slide with rolling downhill!

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Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

Until bungee zorbing's invented we'll settle for bungee jumping!

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Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

Not zorbing but it's you versus
a vertical wind tunnel!

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Zorbing - Prices, Locations and Information

What do hills, hamsters and washing machines all have in common? They all inspired the activity sport of rolling down hills in huge inflatable balls - welcome to the wonderful world of Zorbing!

Go Sphereing in the UK!

Girl harness sphereingSo what is Zorbing? Wikipedia defines it as ‘the recreational practice of humans rolling downhill in a sphere, generally made of transparent plastic’. It’s a good definition too, but if it’s still unclear then it pretty much resembles being inside a huge washing machine, feeling the centrifugal force work through your whole body, giving you an experience of a lifetime, which is at the same time fast, exhilarating, terrifying – basically a huge adrenaline rush.

Zorbing (sometimes known as Sphereing too) is generally done on a hillside but there are also special metal ramps for it in places where there are no hills. Or why not try indoor skydiving inside a vertical wind tunnel and there’s also a mellower version of Zorbing with no straps and some water inside the ball, making the ride a bit of wet fun, fit for the whole family.

Entering a sphereMost spheres are designed for two people who can enjoy the ride (and each other’s fear) simultaneously, but with Aqua Zorbing three people can enjoy the fun at the same time, and some spheres have also been constructed for solo performance.

So, what is a sphere? It’s a 158kg plastic ball (that's 25 stone!) – about 12 feet tall. Inside the big ball, there’s another, smaller ball which makes up the 6-foot chamber where you ride. The smaller ball is attached to the outer shell by around one thousand nylon straps and there’s about 3-foot air cushion between the two.

The whole thing weighs about 167kg when empty, but don’t let the size and weight fool you – it can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour in less than 35 seconds. While rolling down the hill, you make around 20 rotations and can roll as far as half a mile – permitted the track is that long.

We're sure you'll have fun Sphering® so we hope you find our site useful for finding the best price for a cheap sphereing experience by using our Zorbing price comparison tables to compare prices, discover the latest Zorbing discount codes and get help organising a Sphering® experience for yourself, your friends or loved ones. Enjoy!

Harness Sphereing Locations

Click on the blue markers on the Google map we created below and you can find out details on each of the fourteen Zorbing locations on the UK. Zoom in to find directions to each Zorbing location. There's one other location missed on the map and that is Milton Keynes which is exclusively for Air Zorbing.

SphereMania Ltd offers 14 sites across the UK which we've listed below. 95% of all Zorbing experiences in the UK come through these SphereMania sites. Double check that the website you choose to book from covers your Sphereing® location of choice.

  • SphereMania BirminghamNorth (Tamworth) new location!
  • SphereMania Chepstow (Monmouthshire, Wales)
  • SphereMania Leeds (New Farnley, West Yorkshire)
  • SphereMania LondonNorth (Ware, Hertfordshire)
  • SphereMania LondonSouth (Forest Row, West Sussex)
  • SphereMania LondonWest (East Reading) new location!
  • SphereMania ManchesterSouth (Macclesfield)
  • SphereMania NewcastleWest (Stocksfield, Northumberland)
  • SphereMania Newquay (Cornwall)
  • SphereMania NorthWalesChester (Chester) new location!
  • SphereMania Nottingham (Westwood, Nottinghamshire)
  • SphereMania OxfordWest (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)
  • SphereMania Perth (Dunkeld, Scotland)
  • SphereMania SouthWalesLlanelli (Pembrey Country Park) new location!

Harness Spehereing Videos

Watch these Youtube Zorbing videos to see the different types of Sphereing in action. From the strapped in tumbling of Harness Zorbing, to the slip sliding fun of Aqua Zorbing. Not to mention being at the mercy of a wind tunnel while air sphereing and the spooky darkness of Bungee Jumping.

Harness Zorbing Video
Filmed at the SphereMania® Newquay location this video captures the dizzying reality of harness sphereing. You'll never look at a hamster the same way again ;-)
Aqua Zorbing Video
Watch the aqau sphere roll down the hill filled with a nice 30 litres of water and no doubt some excited, soaking wet humans too!
Air Zorbing Video
Filmed at Milton Keynes Xscape this is what it looks like to be blown about in a wind tunnel from the 'comfort' of a giant inflatable!
Bungee Jumping Video
It's not easy to video yourself rolling down a hill in a massive inflatable in almost total darness as this Bungee Jumping video proves!